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Timber decking adds thousands of dollars to the value of your home. Not only will it look great, but provide you with an intimate, classy, natural entertaining area.

In more contemporary design, timber decking has become a popular design element providing a natural extension of interior living spaces into the outdoors, an enjoyable outdoor entertaining or BBQ area or a sunny space to enjoy the Sunday papers with a cup of your favourite coffee.

Raised timber decking can create an attractive pool surround and is an excellent way of dealing with sloping building sites by allowing you to extend your liveable area into space that would otherwise be unusable.

Covered verandahs are a recognised and valued feature of Australian architecture, providing protection for external walls from the weather in particular the heat of the sun and providing a protected area to catch cooling evening breezes after a hot day.

Timber decking can also bring a feeling of nature and open space into high-density residential developments or light commercial applications.


Whether your deck is to be covered or exposed to the weather, incorporated as part of new home construction or added to an existing home we can provide a professional solution for you.

Using your choice of quality timbers - including, Merbau, & various Australian hardwoods or H4 grade treated pine, we can transform any area into whatever your budget allows.

At the Zeal Property Maintenance Group we consult, plan and construct all our decks to the highest degree of safety and quality.

We have been incorporating beautiful timber decking into our projects for over 15 years now and have highly skilled tradesmen to ensure your timber finish is of the highest order.

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